3d Avatar nftS

Each Origin Avatar NFT includes up to 14 randomized traits with unique rarity. The 6,666 NFTs will be disseminated randomly during the Pre-Mint and Public Mint process.

Minted Avatars NFTs will come wearing one shoe and one sock. This indicates that the Avatar NFT still contains the rights to Claim the Real Sneakers, Twinned Sneaker NFT, and access to the completed 2 Sneaker version of the Avatar.

Sneaker Avatars claimed at Madeium.com include the IP Utility to Commercialize the non-branded Avatar.

Sneaker NFTs

e-Claim your real, made-to-order 3D printed Sneakers in your size. No extra fees to claim and free shipping.

Your real Sneaker will match your Avatar’s style and colorway. If you didn’t get your favorite colorway, trade for your favorite at Madeium.com

3D printed, custom Sneakers and digitally twinned Sneaker NFT are managed on the Ethereum Blockchain. This ensures that ownership, authenticity, and royalties back to the creative team are securely tracked. Physical goods use tech such as RFID/NFC chips and QR Codes to link to Sneaker NFT for IoT integrations.


Avatar NFT

1. Metaverse and Gaming Use for 3D Avatars
2. IP Commercialization Rights for Non-Branded 3D Avatars

Sneaker NFT

1. Digital twin for physical Sneaker authentication
2. Mint and sell up to 10 of your Sneaker NFTs with IRL Sneaker


1. Physical, wearable, 3D printed custom Sneakers
2. Sneaker style matches your Avatar's Sneaker style and colorway
3. Scannable with NFC and QR code for validation


The Origin Creators for YxungSneaks are founders, designers, and DAO leaders Jesse Rademacher and Sean Rademacher (also Co-Founders of parent Community, Madeium.com).

With 40 years of combined Design Experience in Sneakers, Product, Streetwear, Digital, Physical, and Experiential Design, Jesse and Sean aim to parlay opportunities for other design entrepreneurs, creatives, athletes, musicians and independent influencers.

SZN 1 features Collaborations with other top creatives and communities including:
Ali Sabet, Tokyo Punks, Pixopop, Ugly Kitties, Regular Ruben, Wicked Craniums, and more.

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All inclusive

Yxs szn 1 pass

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Proto 001

Proto 001 claim window to be announced.

1,222 Avatars (of 6,666) will contain variations and colorways of the first shoe. These features themselves will be randomized on mint day.

You will get the physical Sneakers shipped to you that closely match your YxungSneak.

If you pull the Proto 001, congrats! You will be amongst the first shoes produced and delivered.

image image

Proto 002

Proto 002 claim window to be announced.

2,222 Avatars (of 6,666) will contain Proto 002, randomly distributed on mint day.

You will get the physical Sneakers shipped to you that closely match your YxungSneak.

If your YxungSneak is wearing the Proto 002 you are in the second batch being produced and delivered.

image image

Proto 003

Proto 003 claim window to be announced.

3,222 Avatars (of 6,666) will contain Proto 003, randomly distributed on mint day.

BUT! This Sneaker also contains amazing Collabs as super rare versions of Proto 003 are minting containing our friends' art, logos, and IP.

If your YxungSneak is wearing the Proto 003 you may be last to order this but look out for possible special perks.

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Step 1

Mint the Origin Avatar NFT @ YxungSneaks.io

  • Minted Avatar NFT has 1 sock and 1 Sneaker.
  • This indicates that the twinned digital and physical Sneakers have not yet been claimed.
Step 2

Go to @ Madeium.com. to claim your custom, wearable Sneakers.

  • Upon claiming the physical sneakers, they are permanently, "twinned" with the Sneaker NFT.
  • "Twinning" allows you to Buy, Sell, and Trade at Market.Madeium.com with confidence knowing they are blockchain and NFT authenticated. The @MadeiumMade Seal of Approval eliminates fakes without 3rd party validations.
  • We cover shipping costs & additional gas fees.
Step 3

Claim Updated Avatar NFT

  • Upon claiming your Real Sneakers, your mint Avatar NFT, wearing 1 shoe (Avatar_v.1.0), is burned and then replaced by an Avatar_v.1.1 wearing 2 shoes.
  • Claimed Avatar NFT gains IP Commercialization Rights to Monetize the non-branded version of your Avatar NFT. Mint Avatar NFTs with a single shoe DO NOT have commercial rights.
  • We cover gas fees to burn and replace tokens.
Step 4

Monetary Opportunity

  • Avatar NFT: Avatar_v.1.1 allows you to Commercialize the Non-Branded IP to establish new business opportunities OFF and ON-Chain with royalties back to Creators. 3D Avatars will be rigged and adaptable for different digital applications and creative business uses in the near future.
  • Sneaker NFT: The original Sneaker NFT, from minting Season 1 Avatar NFT, is known as the "Gen1 Sneaker NFT." Each Gen1 Sneaker NFT can mint/sell up to 10 derivative "Gen2 Sneaker NFTs" in the New Year of 2023 via Market.Madeium.com
  • Gen 2 Sneaker NFTs do NOT contain derivative rights currently but DO unlock both IRL Custom Sneakers & the twinned Sneaker NFT.

Ip rights

After the Avatar with 2 Sneakers NFT, the matching Sneaker NFT, and the matching 3D printed Sneakers have been minted and/or redeemed your Avatar, excluding the digital or physical wearables, still has IP Use Rights.

Sneaker NFT includes:

1.Twinned digital/physical wearable
2.Access to the 3D files for your Avatar
3. Utility for you to mint/sell up to 10 NFT/IRL Sneakers twins with profits for you at approximately 10 weeks (derivative).
4. Derivatives are considered a Gen 2 Sneaker NFTs and don’t include reproduction rights, but instead are the package of Digital, IRL Sneaker, 3D file, and IoT

Szn 1 collabs

YxS Collaborators get primary and secondary royalties from traits that contain their IP.

Ali Sabet
Wicked Craniums
Regular Ruben



Jesse Rademacher



Sean Rademacher



Jason Watkins



Michael Kasdan



Jacquie Rademacher



Christopher Els



D’Vonteono Anderson



Nichole R