Step 1

Connect wallet

$USD (PayPal) and Ether payments must have an Ethereum Wallet setup to mint the NFT directly to you.

Step 2

Make payment for YxungSneaks

After connecting your wallet and choosing a payment method, you will be ready to mint your NFT for the equivence of $375 USD + the orginal gas fee at time of purchase.

You can mint one NFT at a time. Wallet has no max mint limit.

Select Payment Methods

Step 3

Mint your NFT

Minting now will gain you rights to an AvatarNFT, SneakerNFT, and IRL Sneakers in your size. After original mint gas fee, product shipping and additional gas fees are included with purchase.

When minting, your Avatar with one sock and one sneaker is displayed in your wallet. This gives you the right to your updated 2 Sneaker AvatarNFT, Real Pair of Sneakers, and twinned SneakerNFT.